Sunday, July 27, 2014

Regret Me Not

Author: Danielle Sibarium

Regret Me NotPublished: May 2014
Genre: Romance

For Mackenzie Green life is full of regrets; regrets from choices she made in the past, regrets for the things she’ll never see in her future. She regrets letting her grades slip while her sister was in rehab, ensuring she’ll never break away from the rumor-run, small town she lives in. She regrets breaking up with her future All American football playing boyfriend, Brayden Turner out of fear of getting hurt. Most of all she regrets every decision she made leading up to the night that changed her life forever. 

It’s only after Brayden cuts her off completely that Mackenzie realizes how much she wants him in her life. She’s learns that losing what you love breaks you, but sometimes it’s the only way to tap into your inner strength. 

Can Mackenzie find the courage to learn from her mistakes and move forward or will she spend her days consumed with regrets? Is it too late to convince Brayden she wants him in her life and that she’s in it for the long haul? Most of all, can she accept that sometimes bad things happen no matter how hard you try to protect yourself from them? Can she put it all behind her or will she live an unfulfilled life full of regrets?

 Danielle you have done it again! Seriously your books are amazing and this one is just as great! And boy the way the book begins is very hot and heavy. I was drawn in from the beginning and wanting more, the story is so connecting and real. Thats what Danielle's wirting does to you. I feel this connection to her characters from just a few pages into the book and man danielle did you start this one off with a BANG! :)

There wasn't much I disliked about this book, yes sometimes Mackenzie could seem selfish and upset not to have it her way but those are natural human feels we all have sometimes and it just makes the story that much more real. Brayden was there and continued to hold on to hope. Mackenzie is the one he loves, and was heart-broken when their love was torn apart.

The question is, are Mackenzie and Brayden willing to fight for Happiness and the hope for Love to be reunited? you will just have to pick this book up and read it for yourself.

I give this book a whopping 5 out of 5 stars!!! Danielle, your books will always leave me in tears and wanting more....

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Hey Danielle,
 It's been a couple years since I last interviewed you, I wanted to catch up since you've had more book releases since. So let's get started...

Has anything changed in the way you write?
Two things, I‘ve embraced my strength, bringing emotions out and making people cry. And I write with more confidence. What I mean by that is I’ve learned what works for me and go with it. I enjoy taking risks. For instance, writing To My Hero in second person POV was a big risk since second person POV is not popular and won’t work for every story. There were a few risks I took with Regret Me Not, but in my heart I knew they were the best way to make the story work. So far, I’d say the risks have paid off.

Has writing become easier?
Easier? Ha, no. I thought it would get easier once my children got older, but this year has been particularly challenging. It’s actually become more difficult because my children are involved in so many activities, and I seem to be on the go non-stop. I’m not complaining, I truly love to see them shine and take advantage of the opportunities they’ve been given, but sometimes I’m left exhausted. The part that has become easier is recognizing when a scene isn’t right and writing a better overall first draft.

Characters in books are sometimes based off real people in our lives. Can you name some characters who you can relate to people in your life?
All of my heroines have some of me in them. Stephanie from For Always is a lot like I was as a teenager, shy and insecure. And many of her experiences came from mine. Maria, also from For Always was enough like two of my best friends that after reading it neither believed she wasn’t them, and they both apologized for things they did in high school. J And then there are my leading men. My husband has seen himself in just almost all of them. I will admit, there are some similarities between him and Tyler, and he seems to think the playful banter between Kenzie and Brayden is a lot like ours.  

In your newest book regret me not, Kenzie is full of regrets and is gaining hope, how did her story come to you?
Over the last year there were specific and separate interactions I had with three women I didn’t know well. Whatever was happening in their lives at that moment, they chose to share some very personal information and deep emotions with me. The one thing that struck me with each was their devastating heartbreak, and their hope for a better tomorrow. In two of the cases, their deep seeded faith screamed out to me. I could tell that’s what kept them going. I wanted to take their pain and show the emotions and guilt that can go along with it. I also hoped to show that faith brings hope and as long as you have hope, tomorrow has promise.  

Do you control the vision for your books or do the pages take over and the story takes you where you never knew it would go?
A little of both. I know how a book (or series) will end before I write it. Some people outline and plot, I need to really mull over an idea before I get started. I find main plot points I want to hit. It doesn’t matter how exactly I get there, just as long as I get there. So going from one plot point to the next, I allow the characters to take over. Just as long as they understand while we may go on a small detour, we must ultimately reach our destination.

Have you always enjoyed the allure of love stories even as a teen?
I always liked writing romance. I started writing my first romance novel at 12. But when it came to reading, I loved horror. John Saul was my favorite author. I devoured his books. I didn’t start reading romance until college. Since then I’ve been hooked.  

How many other stories do you have as a work in progress?
Currently I have three, sort of. I’m working on And Forever, the sequel to For Always. I have a novella I’m not sure I want to talk about yet, because fans will get excited. I only have about 500 words written and I’m not sure if I want to continue with it. I also started another new project. It is in the very early stages and at this point I’m mostly doing research.

What are some tips for up and coming writers that you wished someone would have told you sooner?
There really isn’t anything I’ve learned that no one told me, not to say I knew it all, I just had to find what worked for me. The keys are to read incessantly, write regularly, every single day! Other than that, write what’s in your heart, not what you think will sell. The industry is changing constantly, be open to the change. And finally, don’t ever give up.

And on a final note....

What's it like to be a wife, a mother, and a writer? 
Exhausting? Impossible? ;-) It is difficult at best, but each of these roles are extremely important to me. I’d be less of a wife and mother if I didn’t write. And hopefully writing demonstrates to my children first hand that if they put in the hard work and effort, they can accomplish their goals. It is also fun and more rewarding than I ever thought. Any time I receive a note, tweet, or message from a reader that they were somehow touched by something I created I am on top of the world. These are the things I look at and look to when I am struggling and need to find some way to keep going.

Thank you so much for having me, I hope you had as much fun as I did.  

I always do. I hope one day to be able to touch someones heart with the words I write onto paper the way you have done to us readers many of times. It truly is a gift to not only get to read your books but to be able to talk to you as a friend. You are a inspiration. Thank You :) 

Author Bio:
Danielle Sibarium, YA and NA author, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout her childhood she transported herself into a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Books were the gateway between her play world and reality. On any given summer afternoon she became Snow White sweeping and cooking for the dwarfs or Cinderella waiting for the prince.
In 2004, Danielle won Honorable Mention in the Southern Heat contest. In 2007, she collaborated with Charlotte Doreen Small to write songs for her CD More. Danielle wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand and Goodbye, while Charlotte contributed the melody.
Danielle graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with honors and currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children.
In October 2011, Danielle’s debut novel For Always was released. She has since released The Heart Waves Trilogy, Heart Waves, Breaking Waves, and Waves of Love, as well as To My Hero: A Blog of Our Journey Together, Into You, and Regret Me Not.



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