Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coming up

Hey you guys!!!

I'm back....well sort of :) I will be doing blog post on books but not as many as I used to until my life settles down....New Job, Moved then Moved again...and now on the journey to finding a house to own. You can say I've been busy....Plus actually doing stuff this year like losing my weight!! Down 20 lbs., fishing, going to concerts, baseball games and just having a nice time and appreciating life.


Its been over a year I've had this blog and I have loved every second of it so...I will be posting a giveaway...It will include a book by Danielle Sibarium and a $25 dollar Barnes & Noble Gift Card :) How Sweet right?? So I will be putting that up on here soon...when I do not know maybe this weekend, but I will announce it on my twitter :)

Good Readings
<3 Courtney

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