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Insurgent (Divergent #2)

Author: Veronica Roth
Review By: Courtney
Published By: HarperTeen
Date: May 1st 201
YA / Dystopia
Pages: 525 pages


Becomes a Sacrifice

Becomes a Loss

Becomes a Burden

Becomes a Battle


Okay so I grabbed this book as quick as I could right after I read Divergent. Let me just say this series is my ultimate favorite this year so far. I borrowed the first book from Kayla and right when I was done my husband surprised me with book two, and then I went and bought the first book for myself :) That's how much I really enjoy this series.

It continues where we left off in Divergent and Tris, Four, Marcus, Caleb and Peter are on the run after the attacks on the Abnegation, They wind up going to Amity to hide since Amity are peaceful people they have no choice but to help but they will not get involved. This is something I really enjoyed about this book. You get a sneak peak at the other Factions and how they work. So it kind of fills in all the wholes in the story. (Like harry potter we didn't get to learn a lot about the other houses) without telling you all to much information about this book I'm gonna try not to say to much about the plot because then it will pretty much be laid out for you. But When they get to the Amity Tris of course doesn't feel safe and shes very paranoid. Wouldn't you be??

We now know that something is wrong for the Erudite for them to attack the Abnegation and we are on this journey to figure out just what it is. A thing you have to be prepared for, and I for sure was not is the back stabbing and man is it HUGE. I was like SERIOUSLY???? So yes be prepared for it. In this book Tris and Fours relationship is pretty much put to the test. Can they last?? I was crying like almost through this whole book because I was all messed up trying to figure everything out, okay I didn't really cry but I was reading as fast as possible to see what happens.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this book is the emotions of the characters seem completely real. Tris is full of guilt and grief and worse of all feels like shes not worthy being in charge.  But I'll get back to that later. So Amity help them for a couple days, somehow Erudite show up and somethings are about to get hectic. They are looking for Tris and Four. If it wasn't for Fours tats they would have been fine and then its also where Four realizes there's something wrong with Tris because she wont hold a gun and when she does she freezes up.

Then they are off, and this time to Candor. Where the only way they can stay there is if they take the truth serum (It makes you tell the truth no matter what). Four and Tris have to take this and a lot of things that they were both keeping in comes out. Its good for their relationship but not so great for some friendships. We also meet new people in this book from the Dauntless since a lot of the Dauntless went to Candor after the simulation on Abnegation. We meet and get to read some familiar characters like, Lynn, Marlene, Zeke and of course Uriah whom I have grown to really like. Edward from the first book who got stabbed is back joined in with the faction-less (Sorry to anyone who hasn't read Divergent, its not a big spoiler) and Jeanine (who is mentioned in Divergent but not known Erudite Leader) and Eric. Also people who have back stabbed in Divergent will surprise you in this book.

So Tris since she feels so guilty for everything that's going on, like its her fault she bum bum bum bummmm goes straight to Erudite (We learn a lot about them too) Its quite a funny part because she just walks right in and no one notices her and she could have like took out a million people before they realized who she was. Then of course if shes gonna die Four cannot live without her so he joins too *hits my head off the wall* come on don't be so stupid but I could understand that he loves her so much and will do anything to protect her (Married Remember...I'm completely spoiled by my husband) so blah blah blah stuff happens, I cannot tell you what but I can tease you ;) 

The ending there is this giant bomb shell, a lot of reviewers say they could see it coming, of course I knew there would be a cliff hanger but this one was huge and the events leading up to the end was earth shattering. Tris and Fours relationship was put on a thin line and I was scared of what was gonna happen to them because I love them together. Then BOOM we learn the truth FINALLY :) We figure out what information it was the abnegation was entrusted with. And man is it BIG. Now I cannot wait for the third book, I can't believe I have to wait a year!!! It will be well worth it I believe :)

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and that EVERYONE should buy this books (&Divergent). It is amazing and you will love this story and characters. It is well worth the money, I barley tell people to go out and buy the books I love because you can always rent from library but this series is something you will enjoy owning and re-reading. There's a lot of character growth in this book and a lot of self doubt. To be in charge of a whole group of people without wanting to can be hard and I know I would struggle if I was Tris. I extremely love this book and this series, by far my favorite and I believe it will always be my favorite. I hope you all will enjoy this series as much as I do.

~Good Readings~

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